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Last modified August 31, 2012 21:27 UTC

Release Notes

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Version 1.1.0 (build

  • FINAL (general availability) release for License Manager 1.1.0.
  • Refactored the project structure to support Maven artifacts properly separated into distinct feature sets.
  • Changed the package names for the base UI and command-line UI modules. Users should not be using these classes in your code, so this change should not have any negative impacts.
  • BREAKING: Moved PrivateKeyDataProvider and FilePrivateKeyDataProvider from net.nicholaswilliams.java.licensing.licensor to net.nicholaswilliams.java.licensing.encryption. This is a binary-incompatible change resulting from the project restructure and reflects the correct location for these classes. These classes still only exist in the licensor artifact.
  • Added cryptographic software notices in accordance with United States Export regulations.
  • Updated Javadoc to generate using the Java 7 compiler. License Manager is still compiled with Java 6.

Version 1.0.0 (build

  • FINAL (general availability) release for License Manager 1.0.0.
  • Improved test code coverage.
  • Replaced License.Builder#withFeature(...) methods with LicenseBuilder#addFeature(...) methods to more accurately reflect the effect of calling those methods. The other with___ methods change some value in the license, while the addFeature(...) methods have a cumulative effect on the number of features in a license. The withFeature(...) methods have only been deprecated, so this is a binary-compatible API change.

Version 0.9.5-RC2 (build

  • This is the second and last planned candidate for release of License Manager 1.0. It contains some minor, binary-compatible changes to the API and two issue fixes.
  • Resolved LICEN-4, an issue whereby a java.lang.SecurityException was thrown when deserializing a SignedLicense object.
  • Resolved LICEN-5, a usability issue possibly causing incorrectly-typed password because the ConsoleLicenseGenerator did not prompt for the user to confirm the previously-typed password.
  • Resolved LICEN-6, an issue whereby a java.lang.SecurityException was thrown if running two licensed applications in the same JVM but separate classloaders (i.e., multiple deployments in a single application server).
  • Made DeserializingLicenseProvider's deserializing method public.
  • Changed License.Feature to implement the FeatureObject interface.
  • Improving verbosity of exceptions thrown by LicenseSecurityManager.
  • Added check to LicenseManager#getLicense() to ensure context parameter is not null.
  • Added ability to externally clear the license cache in LicenseManager.

Version 0.9.4-RC1 (build

  • This is the first candidate for release of License Manager 1.0. It contains numerous additions and improvements to the interface of several classes, but no breaking changes. Public/private keys and licenses generated with previous versions of License Manager WILL work with this version.
  • Resolved LICEN-2, an issue where the samples in net.nicholaswilliams.java.licensing.samples use the wrong encryption strength.
  • Resolved LICEN-3, an issue with a NullPointerException in ConsoleRSAKeyPairGenerator.
  • Added a public method to the LicenseManager class to make verifying the signature on individual licenses easier.
  • Updated external resource URLs for Javadoc generation.
  • Finished the text/console interface with addition of ConsoleLicenseGenerator. In previous versions of License Manager, the text interface only generated public/private keys and wrote them to files or generated providers as requested. In this version, the text interface can also generate licenses.
  • Added standard FilePublicKeyDataProvider and FilePrivateKeyDataProvider classes, simple file-storage-based implementations of the key provider classes that take a file or file name in the constructor and provide the key by extracting it from the file.
  • Added methods to the LicenseManager class that enable verification of license signatures and extraction of license objects without going through the usual retrieval and caching mechanisms (useful for checking that license data is real/valid before allowing "installation" of a license in an application).
  • Added the FeatureObject interface, which specifies that an object provides a feature name in a standardized way. This is useful for using enums to represent features in the hasLicenseForFeature(), hasLicenseForAnyFeature() and hasLicenseForAllFeatures() checks, instead of Strings. The enum need only implement this interface, and then enum constants can be passed to these methods.
  • Updated the LicenseSecurityManager to ensure compatibility with Java 7. License Manager should work in Java 7 without issues, although it is compiled in Java 6 for backwards compatibility.
  • Improved unit test code coverage significantly. 100% of all classes (39/39), 99.1% of methods (335/338), and 90.7% (1507/1662) of the lines of code in License Manager are now covered by 540 unit tests. Most uncovered lines are catch blocks that catch Java SE-thrown exceptions that are hard or impossible to simulate without misconfiguring the Java virtual machines.
  • Several minor bugs and/or malfunctions were found through unit testing in the process of completing unit test code coverage. These bugs have been resolved.

Version 0.9.2-beta (build

  • BREAKING: Changed the LicenseCreator and LicenseManager to encrypt/decrypt licenses with a provider-based password instead of a default (hard-coded) password, with a fallback of using the same password as provided for the key. See "Getting Started" or the documentation for help using this new pattern.
  • BREAKING: Renamed interface KeyPasswordProvider to PasswordProvider to more accurately reflect its real purpose: a provider of passwords for public keys, private keys or license data. Also renamed its sole method from getKeyPassword() to getPassword().
  • BREAKING: To eliminate confusion and ambiguity, renamed net.nicholaswilliams.java.licensing.Properties to LicenseManagerProperties and net.nicholaswilliams.java.licensing.licensor.Properties to LicenseCreatorProperties.
  • Changed the RSAKeyPairGenerator to enable using different passwords to encrypt the public and private keys. This is an API-compatible change, as you can still use one password for both.
  • Improving test code coverage significantly.
  • API documentation improvements.
  • KNOWN ISSUE: A NullPointerException is encountered as the Command Line Interface exits key generation. Keys are still generated and saved properly. This is a COSMETIC ONLY issue resolved in 0.9.4-beta.
  • KNOWN ISSUE: The sample interface implementations provided in net.nicholaswilliams.java.licensing.samples use the pre-0.9.1-beta 256-bit encryption, and so will not decrypt in this release. This does not affect library functionality, only samples. This issue is resolved in 0.9.4-beta.

Version 0.9.1-beta (build

  • BREAKING: Resolved issue LICEN-1, a problem with unsupported encryption strength on Windows operating systems. Previous versions used a 256-bit encryption key, which is not supported on Windows without a special policy file. For portability, this version uses a 128-bit encryption key, which is portable to all operating systems. (Note that License Manager still uses 2048-bit public/private keys; this has not changed.) Keys and licenses encrypted with 0.9.0-beta or earlier will not work in this release, and will need to be re-issued.
  • API documentation improvements.

Version 0.9.0-beta (build

  • Initial beta release with candidate API.