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The latest updates about goings on at NTWS Java Code, upcoming projects, major changes and new and upcoming releases can be found here. If you have information you feel is newsworthy and aren't a contributor to the site, get in the forums and let us know!

Community Updates: New Servers, Lightning Strike, and License Renewal
2013-08-26 23:15 GMT-0600 - Nick Williams
A lot has happened in the last month! Our TeamCity and YouTrack licenses expired, but we have been delayed renewing them due to the need to replace a server and deal with a lightning strike.

License Manager 1.1.0 (GA) Released, Maven Artifacts Available
2013-04-27 22:44 GMT-0600 - Nick Williams
License Manager 1.1.0 is now generally available. This release includes several important changes and represents the first release available in the Maven Central Repository. Be sure to read the release notes for a breaking change!

License Manager 1.0.0 (GA) Released!
2012-08-31 21:41 GMT-0600 - Nick Williams
The first generally available version of License Manager, 1.0.0 (GA), has been released and can be downloaded from the downloads page! It has many enhancements over the previously-announced release candidate 0.9.4-RC1.

New Issue Tracking System Deployed
2012-08-31 21:41 GMT-0600 - Nick Williams
A new issue tracking system has been deployed and is available now for bug and feature reporting and tracking. Our issue tracking system was previously The Bug Genie. We have migrated to JetBrains's YouTrack system because of improved usability and enhanced features.

New Integrated Build Environment Deployed
2012-08-23 07:12 GMT-0600 - Nick Williams
A new integrated build environment has been deployed and can be used and referenced by all. Our previous environment was TeamCity 6.0 with a Professional (free) license, limiting us to 20 build configurations and 3 build agents. Our new environment is TeamCity 7.1 with a OpenSource Enterprise license.

License Manager Release Candidate Available
2012-05-23 06:30 GMT-0600 - Nick Williams
A release candidate is available for the first version of our License Manager project. The License Manager is a Java-based license management library for use by any Java project to maintain intellectual property security. You can use License Manager to help you create, issue and manage licenses for your commercial product. The first version has full capabilities and comes with a text-based user interface for generating public/private keys and licenses.

Upcoming Projects
2012-05-23 06:28 GMT-0600 - Nick Williams
We have lots of ideas for upcoming projects. The Raw Sockets project gets our full attention starting next week, now that License Manager has a release candidate. Additionally, we are currently brainstorming several other network-protocol-related projects and a multi-face PowerDNS management GUI.