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Last modified August 27, 2013 05:36 UTC

Community Updates: New Servers, Lightning Strike, and License Renewal

2013-08-26 23:15 GMT-0600 - Nick Williams
A lot has happened in the last month! Our TeamCity and YouTrack licenses expired, but we have been delayed renewing them due to the need to replace a server and deal with a lightning strike.

NWTS Java Code's servers are located in two different locations, but both are closets in someone's house. DNSCrawler.com is gracious enough to donate time, money, and resources to keep our servers going, but all the work to maintain them is volunteer. Late last month our OpenSource licenses for JetBrains TeamCity and YouTrack expired. However, at the time we were distracted by a failing power supply on our ten-year-old PowerEdge 1650 that hosts the website and Subversion repository. If this power supply gave out, our services would have been down until a replacement could be procurred and configured. Because of its age, replacement parts could not be obtained.

As a proactive measure, we purchased a significantly newer PowerEdge 2850, boasting 16 gigabytes of memory, a six-drive RAID 5 with 2 hot spares, and hot-swappable redundant power supplies. Not only is this server faster and more reliable that the previous server, it is also serviceable. We have several replacement parts already in stock should something happen to it.

Not a week after installing this server, the building that houses it suffered a severe lightning strike. Several thousand dollars in damage occurred, and electronics throughout the building were destroyed. Thankfully, the rack housing our server was protected by redundant surge arresters on every conductor. The site was down for about a day while damages to the building were repaired and a damaged surge arrester was replaced in the server rack. However, we are back up and running, and we can finally return to the task of renewing our TeamCity and YouTrack licenses!

We apologize for any inconvenience experienced due to the inability to access our issue reporting system. Rest assured, we will work to get these licenses renewed as soon as possible.